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Instruction Videos


Guildford U3A



   Guildford Digital Groups



Welcome to the Digital Groups





                       Digital Living                                Introduction to Digital Devices





           DIGITAL LIVING  - Using computers, tablets and other internet-linked devices to get the most out of modern living


Meetings 2021 - 2022:    September 2nd, November 4th, January 6th, March 3rd and May 5th  - all at 2pm


Each month we will look at topics that will help you get the most out of your digital device, there will also be a session on some new technology.




INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL DEVICES  - for those less confident or coming to terms with a change of device


Meetings 2021 -2022:  October 7th, December 2nd, February 3rd and April 7th – all at 2pm.


We will be covering basic topics on Laptops, Smartphones and tablets. We will also include the surgery, when you can bring your devices in and we can try and help with particular problems.




(Click on underlined group titles to visit "Introduction" pages + past talks)









Staying in Touch during Covid-19




Paul, our leader for both groups -  'Introduction to Digital Devices' and  'Digital Living' - is continuing our meetings online using Zoom. If you are registered with the groups you will be receiving details by email.


Digital Living meeting on 2nd September 2021 was a ground-breaking “hybrid” meeting, which took place both in person at Burpham Village Hall and online. This seemed very promising and we shall have to see how it develops!




David Pearce has prepared a document Staying in Touch during Covid-19 to assist members of GU3A Digital Living Group and other friends who are thinking of using social media for the first time, or more extensively, during the Covid-19 isolation period. Please 

Click here and follow the instructions to download it.



David has also produced an excellent Zoom training video; please watch this by clicking on this link https://youtu.be/TchAC83vW1U



Sharing comments and advice.  We have set up a WhatsApp group for our members. You should already be on the group if David knows your phone number and you have expressed an interest. 


Any other interested iPhone or Android phone users, please email either Paul or David, and you will be added to the WhatsApp group.






Stay safe and we hope to see everyone back at our face to face meetings in the not too distant future.






Please follow this link and add a comment to share you experiences.









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